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The Importance of your Content Calendar

By |Last Updated: March 30, 2016|4 min read|

SPK-Blog_30-Content_Calendar.pngDo you want a productive blog that attracts more and more engaged readers every month?

Well, consistency is key.

Creating and managing content is a big part of your marketing strategy. You have been publishing quality content consistently, and traffic to your site is increasing. But then, all of a sudden, a production issue slows you down and your team falls behind on publishing blog posts.

If you want to watch your blog grow in viewership, it’s a really good idea to have a consistent publishing schedule.

Publishing at a steady rhythm is good for traffic and even better for analyzing that traffic’s behavior.

But, staying on course is not always the easiest. Writing quality content requires a lot of steps during the creation process, and unforeseeable delays can happen. Are you letting those delays get in the way of consistently publishing content on your website?

Here’s how you can end that:

Two-Steps Ahead

To plan for unforeseeable delays, well just get ahead!

Okay, that’s much easier said than done. But, in all honesty the best way to maintain a consistent publishing schedule is by having a surplus of publish-ready blog posts in your arsenal. I think that we can all agree that being behind schedule is NOT our happy place. Our happy place is always being two-steps ahead with content.

In order to stay ahead and have a surplus of publishable pieces ready, you  have to have a quality content calendar that keeps your team on schedule.

A detailed and structured content calendar is the ideal road to take to getting ahead. Content calendars are great because they provide clear visibility into the many steps of the content creation process. You can see what steps are coming up and prepare accordingly—aka, be two-steps ahead.

A content calendar is much more than just having the publish date for each piece of content you plan to write.

The best content calendar lays out and schedules all the steps, tasks, and processes required to publish a blog post or article.

This way, you break down the process into segments that have strict deadlines. This let’s you  and your team know what you have to do not only to stay on-schedule, but to stay ahead. And, if you want to challenge yourself, cut the deadlines back by a couple of days. Cut back your production process, and hash out as many pieces as you can in a reasonable amount of time. Build a good arsenal of publishable pieces, and stay ahead by following a strict content calendar from there on out. Once you get ahead, all you have to do is follow the calendar.  

Your Safety Net

A content calendar is actually a silver lining. A content calendar stops you from ever falling behind on content, and having no emergency option to look to.

If you are ever falling behind on content, you can look at your content calendar and adjust before it’s too late. Increase production times for posts that are scheduled in the future, and make sure there is always something ready. The point of a good content calendar is not to stay on-schedule, but to stay ahead of schedule. The calendar reveals all the steps in the process, so you’ll know what changes need to be made if it ever looks like a piece of content is delayed and will not be ready by the designated publish date.

Don’t get caught with no blog posts ready to publish, use the content calendar as your safety net to makes sure something is always ready to replace a delayed piece.

Stay Consistent

Consistency in your publishing schedule is key to a nicely functioning blog.

It’s hard to guarantee consistency if you are not two-steps ahead. That’s the beauty of the content calendar.

Your content calendar works as a project management tool that streamlines operations. It makes sure that mistakes and errors are accounted for, and that your team is always prepared with a surplus of blog posts. If you make a detailed content calendar, your content marketing is going to be polished, streamlined, and really effective. Get on the content calendar train and start soothing through streamlined operations.

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