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10 Mindset Hurdles in Course Creation for Coaches and Consultants

By |Last Updated: December 4, 2023|5 min read|

If you’re a coach or consultant on the cusp of creating your online course, you’re likely familiar with the flutter of excitement that comes with imagining the impact of sharing your expertise. However, that excitement often brings along a few uninvited guests: mindset hurdles that can stop you in your tracks.

As a seasoned digital marketer and an advocate for entrepreneurial growth, I’ve seen these mindset hurdles first-hand – and more importantly, I’ve witnessed the triumph of overcoming them. Let’s unravel these common hurdles and explore how to leap over them with grace.

1. Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is like a shadow that looms over many creators. It whispers “What if nobody buys?” or “What if my course isn’t good enough?” This fear can be paralyzing, but it’s rooted in a misconception that failure is the end of the road, rather than a detour.

Overcoming Fear of Failure:

Reframe your failures as feedback. Each setback is rich with insights that can refine your approach. Start seeing each “no” as a step closer to a “yes,” and remember, the only true failure is never trying at all.

Action Items:

  • Embrace failure as a learning opportunity.
  • Start small and build as you learn.
  • Seek mentorship or join a support group.
  • Reward yourself for small victories.

2. Perfectionism

Ah, the siren song of perfectionism – it calls to us with promises of flawless work but leaves us stranded in the sea of inaction. Perfectionism can delay your course launch indefinitely, under the guise of “just one more tweak.”

Overcoming Perfectionism:

Set a launch date and stick to it. Remember, your course is a living entity – it will evolve and improve over time. Launching at “good enough” allows you to get invaluable feedback to make your course truly great.

Action Items:

  •  Set achievable goals.
  •  Focus on progress, not perfection.
  •  Consult trusted peers for unbiased feedback.

3. Tech Overwhelm

Tech overwhelm is the dizzying feeling that comes from the barrage of tools and platforms at your disposal. The sheer number of options can make the process of creating a course seem daunting.

Overcoming tech overwhelm:

Focus on the tools that directly meet your needs and ignore the rest. Sometimes, a simple setup is all you need to deliver quality content. As you grow more comfortable, you can slowly integrate more advanced tech.

Action Items:

  •  Break tasks into manageable pieces.
  •  Learn as you go or hire help.
  •  Prioritize essential tech first.

4. Lack of Confidence in Your Expertise

“Am I expert enough?” This question can be a significant roadblock. Impostor syndrome is common and can make you doubt your qualifications and the value you bring.

Overcoming Lack of Confidence:

Compile a list of your qualifications, testimonials, and successful case studies. This “brag file” is a tangible reminder of your expertise and value. Let it be the fuel that powers your confidence.

Action Items:

  •  Reflect on your achievements.
  •  Consider additional training.
  •  Mentor others to build confidence.

5. Worries About Market Saturation

With a plethora of courses available, the market can seem saturated. This worry can be discouraging, leading you to think there’s no room for your course.

Overcoming Market Saturation Worries:

Carve out a niche. There’s always room for high-quality, specialized content that speaks directly to a specific audience’s needs. Find your unique angle and lean into it.

Action Items:

  •  Find your unique angle.
  •  Focus on what sets you apart.
  •  Offer a standout value proposition.

6. Difficulty in Pricing

Pricing can be a slippery slope. Set it too high, and you risk alienating potential learners; too low, and you undervalue your offering.

Overcoming Pricing Difficulties:

Research your market, understand your audience, and consider the value transformation your course offers. Don’t be afraid to price your course according to the change it brings about in your clients’ lives.

Action Items:

  •  Understand your value.
  •  Experiment with tiered pricing.
  •  Test the market with beta pricing.

7. Fear of Being Criticized or Judged

Putting your work out there is an act of vulnerability, and the potential for criticism can be scary. I feel this one too!

Overcoming a Fear of Criticism:

Construct a solid feedback loop. Learn to distinguish between constructive criticism that can improve your course and baseless negativity. Embrace the former, ignore the latter.

Action Items:

  •  Focus on your positive impact.
  •  Encourage constructive feedback.
  •  Accept that not everyone will be pleased.

8. Marketing Anxiety

Marketing can feel like a minefield. The thought of self-promotion can be uncomfortable, stirring up anxiety.

Overcoming marketing anxiety:

Here’s what works for me: adopting a service mindset. Instead of thinking you’re pushing sales, focus on how your course serves and benefits your audience. This shift can ease much of the anxiety around marketing.

Action Items:

  •  Create a strategic marketing plan.
  •  Soft-launch to test the waters.
  •  Collaborate for joint success.

9. Scaling Concerns

As your course gains traction, you may worry about scaling: Can you maintain quality? Handle customer service? Grow the business without burning out?

Overcoming concerns around scaling:

Develop scalable systems early on. Look into automation, hiring assistants, or using scalable platforms that grow with you. 

Also, I don’t want to tell not to worry about this because we help businesses through scaling issues ALL. THE. TIME. so there are definitely considerations to take stock of — BUT DON’T CREATE ISSUES THAT DO NOT YET EXIST. Let’s focus on nailing your offer first because growth is wonderful “problem” to have. 😂

Action Items:

  •  Grow gradually and intentionally.
  •  Utilize automation tools.
  •  Forge collaborative partnerships.

10. Time Management Issues

Creating a course is time-consuming, and if you’re already juggling coaching or consulting, you may feel there’s not enough time.

Overcoming Time Management Issues:

Master the art of time blocking and prioritization. Allocate specific times for course creation and stick to them as you would any other professional commitment.

Action Items:

  • Develop a realistic timeline.
  • Delegate when necessary.
  • Use time-saving tools.

In closing, each of these mindset hurdles is surmountable. With strategic thinking and a shift in perspective, what once seemed like insurmountable obstacles can become stepping stones to a successful course launch.

Remember, the world needs that unique course that only you can create.

Embrace the journey, hurdles and all, and you’ll find that on the other side lies growth, impact, and the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge with those who need it most.

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