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Sales Page Wizardry: Make Your Conversions Pop Like a Pro

By |Last Updated: August 7, 2023|6 min read|

So, you’ve got these sales pages, right?

But they’re not exactly setting the world on fire. Fear not, because we’re about to sprinkle some digital magic dust on those lackluster sales pages and turn them into conversion magnets! 🪄✨

Take notes as we dissect the secrets behind some seriously kick-butt sales pages. These examples are like the Gandalfs of the digital realm, and we’re about to show you how to wield their power for your own business success!

1. Gusto: Conquer Pain Points Like a Jedi

Gusto starts with a bang by tackling pain points head-on. Imagine you’re a Jedi – identify those audience challenges and wave your lightsaber (or in this case, your words) to showcase how your product is THE solution they’ve been seeking.

What’s it to ya?

B2B businesses should focus on understanding the pain points of their target businesses and clearly outlining how their solutions can address those pain points.


Click the image to see a screen capture of the full website at the time of this writing.

2. Crazy Egg: The Minimalist Marvel

Crazy Egg keeps it sleek and simple. Think of your sales page as a runway – strut your core value proposition like it’s your hottest outfit. And just like a fashionista, flaunt some social proof to prove you’re the real deal.

BONUS: If you click over to the live site (don’t worry, I’ll wait), notice how, at first, there’s no scrolling at all. That’s not activated until you click the “Not ready to get started? Learn more” link under the form. Now, THAT’S SMART!

🧠 Remember: A sales page has ONE job — capture a lead.

What’s it to ya?

Their simplicity and emphasis on clear value can inspire B2B companies to communicate their complex offerings in a simple and compelling manner. B2B businesses should focus on highlighting the unique value their products/services bring to other businesses.


Click the image to see a screen capture of the full website at the time of this writing.

3. Death Wish Coffee: Slay with Snazzy Headlines

Death Wish Coffee’s headlines are like irresistible chocolates you just can’t ignore. Craft snazzy headlines that make visitors stop in their tracks. Then, add some pizzazz with visuals or videos that make your product shine brighter than a supernova.

What’s it to ya?

Scroll-stopping headlines coupled with extraordinary visuals are relevant for B2B companies aiming to stand out in a crowded market. B2B businesses can leverage attention-grabbing headlines and visual content to communicate their offerings effectively.

Death Wish Coffee





4. ConvertKit: Whisper Sweet Nothings to Your Audience

ConvertKit‘s personalized approach is like whispering sweet nothings into your audience’s ear. (This is more visible on the live site as — at the time of this writing — the main headline rotates.)

Be their smooth talker – tailor your message to their needs. Oh, and don’t forget to mention how your offering is as easy to use as a TV remote.

What’s it to ya?

ConvertKit’s audience focus and user-friendly features are valuable lessons for B2B companies targeting specific industries or niches. Tailoring messaging and emphasizing user-friendly aspects can resonate with B2B decision-makers.

Convert Kit

5. Mindvalley: Capture Hearts with Compelling Visuals

Mindvalley knows how to capture hearts (and clicks). Showcase tools, templates, benefits, outcomes, or any key resource that’ll make your product indispensable. And just like a magician, conjure up dazzling visuals that show what dreams your potential customers could achieve.

🧠Be sure to include:

  • What’s included
  • The simple steps to get started
  • Any risk reversal you may offer
  • A clear and compelling call-to-action to purchase

What’s it to ya?

Mindvalley’s focus on conversion and visual representation can guide B2B companies in designing compelling landing pages that drive actions like signing up for a demo or consultation.


6.Taskade: Visuals That Dazzle and Amaze

Taskade enters the stage with a flourish of visuals. Design a sales page so attractive, it’ll make a peacock jealous. Flaunt the convenience and comprehensiveness of your product, and don’t be shy – show off those benefits like a proud parent.

🧠Having über clear visual brand standards enables you to put your best foot forward in any application (web, social, video, print, etc.).

Need a hand codifying your company’s unique look and feel? 

A Done in a Day session will get you sorted and ready to sell your next offering like hotcakes!

What’s it to ya?

Taskades visual appeal and emphasis on benefits shows B2B companies how to showcase their suite of services or products in a visually engaging way while highlighting the benefits for other businesses.



7. Unbounce: Customization that Wows

Unbounce invites potential customers in with the promise of customization. It’s like a digital suit tailored just for them. Prove your trustworthiness by letting your happy customers do the talking.

🧠 Notice how NONE of their buttons/calls-to-action say “learn more.” Banish this phrase from all your buttons henceforth!

You shall not pass gif

What’s it to ya?

Unbounce’s emphasis on ease of use and customization is a valuable lesson especially for B2B companies providing software or solutions. B2B businesses should demonstrate how their offerings can be tailored to meet specific business needs.


8. Netflix: You + Personalization = A Match Made in Digital Heaven

Netflix gets personal with recommendations tailored to you. Be the Netflix of your niche – show them you understand their preferences. Deck it out with eye-catching visuals, and explain why choosing your business is like discovering a hidden treasure trove.

What’s it to ya?

Get straight to the point on how your audience can benefit and give them a way to dip their toes in some way. Have a free trial? A quiz? A helpful guide? Give them something other than a way to subscribe to your newsletter. That’s so 2013 🤮



9. HelloFresh: Tempt with Delicious Visuals

HelloFresh entices with mouthwatering images that make you drool. Serve up the visual feast your potential customers deserve. Even more importantly, stress the convenience and time-saving benefits, and sprinkle in some urgency with limited-time offers.

What’s it to ya?

HelloFresh’s visual temptation and limited-time offers can provide ideas for B2B companies to create enticing offers, promotions, or trials to attract potential clients.


10. Loom: Uncomplicate Like a Zen Master

Loom brings simplicity to the forefront. Think Zen garden – create a serene experience that makes potential customers say, “Ahh.” Shout about the relevance of your offering, and highlight features that make them feel like digital royalty. 👑

What’s it to ya?

Loom’s relevance, feature highlights, and ease of access can guide B2B companies in demonstrating the immediate value, key features, and user-friendly nature of their products/services to businesses.


By summoning these tactics, your sales pages will be like digital unicorns – captivating, rare, and oh-so-magical. 🦄

Just remember, even the mightiest wizards need practice, so test, tweak, and watch those conversions cast their spell!

Ready to sprinkle some enchantment on your sales pages? 🌟 Unleash the magic and transform your business today!

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