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Inbound Marketing Drives Revenue

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Inbound marketing tactics don’t just generate leads. They generate revenue.

That’s probably why businesses these days prefer inbound marketing to outbound by a 3 to 1 margin.

Why? Because as a method that benefits both customers and businesses alike, inbound generates revenue.

Inbound marketing involves creating, distributing, and promoting  outstanding content across social channels. On the other hand, outbound marketing uses banner ads, direct mail, cold calling, and other intrusive practices to get a potential customer’s attention.

As such, instead of casting out a wide net in the hopes of maybe providing someone out there with some type of value, inbound marketing tactics identify and target an audience segment and then focus on creating value that satisfies the needs of that specific audience. In other words, it’s about people helping people.

Consequently, the value provided through inbound is much more immediate and useful for the targeted audience compared to outbound strategies.

Moreover, thanks to the transparency of the digital world, inbound marketing tactics allows businesses to start engaging with customers long before it’s time to begin a sales negotiation. That way, when it’s time to negotiate contracts and purchasing, the sales process will take place between two parties that already know, understand, and trust each other. That’s the beauty of inbound marketing: it makes selling more social, thereby helping businesses form stronger partnerships.

Put another way, inbound marketing tactics are all about making friends before becoming business partners.

Conversely, outbound marketing and sales methods are all about conducting business first and then creating a relationship second.

While each has its own purpose, inbound marketing has proven to be a more beneficial, enjoyable, and fruitful way of marketing and selling your business to consumers.

And not only is inbound marketing less intrusive, but it also drives revenue: Companies using inbound marketing campaigns are 3x as likely to see a higher ROI compared to those using outbound campaigns!

You may be asking – why?

Well, did you know that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales? According to research,  the most common cause of poor sales performance is a lack of lead nurturing.

This discrepancy arises because lead nurturing is what actually drives and grows revenue.

Outbound marketing and sales techniques are simply not personal enough, meaning that their lead nurturing efforts end up  unstructured and not systematic at all.

On the other hand, inbound marketing campaigns are all about lead nurturing and creating strong relationships between companies and customers. Indeed, they demand to have systemized campaigns for attracting and nurturing leads.

Through inbound marketing, your team will develop  a solid system that they can consistently execute,  which will result in many more leads converting  into paying customers over time.

More and more, businesses are focused on converting their contacts into customers, increasing the amount of useful qualified leads they generate, and providing a high ROI for their marketing and sales tactics. Inbound content marketing provides the ideal vehicle to accomplish  exactly that: by offering potential contacts valuable content and information, you engage them in meaningful conversation,  and eventually turn them into happy, paying customers.

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