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Get Better Leads with Targeted Content Marketing

By |Last Updated: September 15, 2014|3 min read|

targeted leads with inbound marketing

Content marketing involves using material published on the web (blogs, infographics, video, social media, etc.) to improve search engine rankings and build trust with potential buyers. It’s an effective tool for increasing traffic to websites, but increasing traffic doesn’t always lead to increasing sales. It’s incredibly frustrating when your sales-only numbers plateau after you’ve allocated resources to increase traffic to your website.

To generate better leads for a startup business, you need to have an analytics program attached to your site, devote some time to monitoring it, and develop a good understanding of its metrics. From there, you can adjust your content marketing strategy to get the most valuable traffic: consumers who are ready to purchase!


Most web hosts offer at least a basic level of analytics with their hosting packages. Each analytics program is unique, but most will require that users register a username and set up a password. Some web hosts don’t provide analytics, but you can easily add Google analytics for free. Analytics data provide vital metrics about the traffic coming to your site, including total visitors, which keywords they may have used to search, where they spent their time and where they’re physically located.

More On Metrics

If you’re wondering “how could this help me get more traffic to my startup business website?”, the riddle is about to be solved! The key is to use the stats program to identify the “problem” traffic and replace it with quality traffic via content marketing. Each business is unique and has different requirements defining quality traffic, but often a small local business wants local traffic. Search phrases that include “best price on XXX” or “XXX on sale” or a city name included in the search like “Chicago XXX” identify individuals that are at the end of the research process and are ready to buy.

Solving The Riddle: Quality Traffic for Bob

Let’s use the example of a new Chicago used car dealer to illustrate. His name is Bob. Bob wants his website to rank high on Google for the search phrase “used cars”. Bob puts a lot of money into ranking here and gets thousands of new visitors to his website. But no one calls him about his cars. Bob reviews his monthly analytics and realizes that the traffic coming to his website is from all over North America. He also notices that some of the traffic coming to his site includes individuals researching gas mileage who aren’t ready to go for a test drive just yet. Bob needs to adjust his marketing strategy to focus on a more geo-targeted demographic.

To cure his issue, we create a content marketing strategy that includes content describing Bob as an Illinois car dealer serving the Chicago area. Bob adds a forum to his website dedicated to Chicago area auto events, launches a blog to discuss auto recalls in Chicago, and voila! after building a solid base of content, Chicago-based buyers find Bob’s used cars!

Using stats and metrics to manage your marketing is an ongoing process. Keep up with new trends and make it a habit to review your stats program four or five times a week. It will be worth the time invested.

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