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5 Elements of Great Logo Design

By |Last Updated: June 5, 2013|3 min read|

5 Elements of Great Logo Design

Many different companies have creates logos that are easily identifiable throughout the world such as Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, and GE. But what sets these logos apart to make them not only representations of the organizations, but also as cultural icons?

The following are key elements of great logo design:

SIMPLICITY: Make your logo straight and to the point. Don’t use any fancy fonts, ambiguous design or distracting color schemes. The basic simplistic approach would be choosing a single object to represent the company with little to no typography. These symbols become easily recognizable and directly correlated with the brand. These simple logos can become easily embedded into culture.







SHAPE, SYMMETRY: Many popular logos use shapes and patterns. Using clean cut lines and recognizable shapes are an easy way to catch the consumer’s eye and also sear the logo into their memories.







Vintage: In the early days of advertising, logos were much more intricate in design. Incorporating various design elements such as graphics, shapes and words into a single logo was common. Basically companies wanted to tell you everything they could about the product. Many brands use this method today, whether it’d be old companies who have stuck to the same design through the decades or newer companies who want their logos to have a rustic, vintage feel.


COLOR: Color is a crucial component to logo design because the colors will become directly correlated with the brand, company or products. Color can create different emotions within customers, so it’s important to choose color schemes that best represent the values and purposes of the organization. Red conveys passion, excitement, boldness. Blue is calm, trustworthy and strong. Green is correlated with nature, peace and health. Even lack of color like using black, white and grey can also convey a sense of simplicity, balance. Color association has also been found to be an influence on people’s memory and retention. Many companies have used color schemes in their logos that have become representative of the brand itself.

Dunkin’ Donuts


John Deere’




MEMORABLE: Logos are something that should be seared into the public’s mind. A great logo is one that is so memorable that it can create recognition in consumers even long after the brand, company, or product’s popularity has past. Case and point American Online. I know I know, AOL is terribly dated, but please bear with me. I do not think there is anyone out there that can look at the iconic triangle or the yellow running man and not be taken back to the days of dial up tones, AIM messaging and hearing “you got mail!” The fact of the matter is that although AOL isn’t the power house in the online world as it was in 2000, its logo is still going strong and has the power to create instant recognition.


When it comes to choosing a logo there are many different decisions to make when it comes to design, but at the end of the day it’s all about incorporating design elements that best represent your company and product. Above all—make a logo that is unique and memorable.

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