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List: Woman and Veteran Owned Web Development Companies

By |Last Updated: December 16, 2020|9 min read|

Recently, the Sprk’d team crowdsourced referrals for woman- and veteran-owned companies that offered web development as part of their services.

From those efforts, we received a diverse list of potential collaborators — and when we dug a little deeper into these businesses, we found their work quality and ethic to be nothing short of inspiring.

While we haven’t had an opportunity to work directly with these folks, they all came recommended to us, and we thought it’d be a shame to keep the list all to ourselves.

As such, we’ve decided to share the list — in alphabetical order — as a resource for anyone looking for a web development partner, and to celebrate woman- and veteran-owned companies. We hope that this will help spark some meaningful collaborations!

Note: At the beginning of each entry, we’ve included a brief rundown of each company’s experience with web development. But many of these companies also have technical expertise in other areas of digital branding and marketing, and we’ve summarized those in the longer descriptions that follow.

Andiamo Creative

What they do: WordPress development; UI/UX
Creative Director: Rochelle Weiner Carr

Andiamo Creative offers branding, print, and digital design services for marketing small to mid-size businesses. Their services include branding, digital and print design, HTML emails, direct mail, as well as WordPress development.


Blue Daring Consulting

What they do: Branding and strategy agency
Founder: Melissa Ballate

Blue Daring Consulting is a branding and strategy company that helps critical projects and ideas stand out and gain traction in the market. Their services include web development, graphic design, marketing, product development, and other forms of targeted outreach to connect people across diverse communities.

Brainchild Studios

What they do: Full-service web design and marketing agency
Founder/CEO: Kiley Peters

With offices in Chicago and Milwaukee, Brainchild Studios uses data and behavior information to drive its design choices. In particular, they specialize in web design and development — ranging from standard web design, to mobile web design, and to e-commerce platform integration. They also offer a full range of digital marketing services, including content production and strategy, social media, and analytics reporting.


Breeze Art Creatives

What they do: WordPress development
FounderBrissa Hanzel

Breeze Art Creatives is a creative design collective boutique that supports its clients’ marketing strategy through print, web, photography, project management, and creative direction. Their web development services include website design and maintenance, social media and email marketing, and WooCommerce.



What they do: Mobile app development; Ruby
Founder: Chereesca Bejasa

Brrrilliant is a consulting and software development services company geared toward startups. Comprised of mostly women, Brrrilliant was founded in response to a lack of expertise and guidance available to startups. Its services include guiding its clients’ process, aiding in product development, and developing full-stack development software.


BudAI Labs

budailabs.pngWhat they do: Full-service digital agency
Founder: Sunitha Kumar Girish

BudAI Labs is a boutique agency that builds scalable and innovative e-commerce solutions to help clients grow their businesses. They specialize in all things web-related, including custom WordPress development, SEO, e-commerce platform development, content writing, marketing, advertising, as well as mobile app development and optimization.


Carminati Consulting

What they do: IT products and solutions
Founder: Brittany Carminati

Carminati Consulting offers technology solutions, consulting services, business intelligence and analytics, as well as IT training and elearning services. In terms of web development, they can assist with custom software application development, intranet and internet websites, and CMS design and development — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of their multifaceted capabilities.



What they do: Full-service branding and marketing agency; WordPress development
Founders: Ari and Peter Krzyzek

Chykalophia was established to maximize brands’ impact via web, mobile, and/or print. The company’s services range from design services to mentoring and guidance in marketing, coding, and website building. In the web development arena, they specialize in WordPress and aim to build a fully managed website that brings measurable results.

Crux Creative

What they do: Full-service marketing and communications agency
Founder/CEO: Shelly Bhasin

Crux Creative is a creative and marketing agency that specializes in positioning clients across all forms, including print, web, marketing, and exhibits. Their other services include setting up marketing automation, pay-per-click, and the like. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Crux Creative works virtually with diverse clients across the country.


FIN Digital

What they do: Full-service digital development agency
Founders: Marcus and Rakia Finley

FIN Digital develops creative and sustainable digital solutions that combine thoughtful user experience with immersive designs. They have the capacity to offer a full range of digital services — including web development and design, application development, graphic design, and branding.


Gizmo Creative Factory

What they do: WordPress development
Founder: Lisa Ghisolf

Gizmo Creative Factory specializes in all things WordPress. Need to build a new site? Fix a broken or hacked site? Master the basics of the platform? This Chicago-based company’s got you covered. They can also help you with logo design, branding, and print/email marketing.

Happy Joe

What they do: Talent collective of veteran freelancers
Founder: James Dalman

Happy Joe offers a team of independent contractors — all of whom are military veterans or military spouses — whose diverse skill sets include marketing, branding, website design, website development, copywriting, digital design, and print design.

The Hawkwood Group

What they do: Digital marketing agency
Founder: Leah Barren Kemerling

The Hawkwood Group works with businesses of all sizes to fulfill those businesses’ technical needs. To that end, the Hawkwood Group designs and develops websites, implements digital marketing strategies (including social media and email marketing), and builds custom web applications.

Homegrwn Creative

What they do: Squarespace
Founders: Caroline Teft and Chris Pestel

Homegrwn Creative uses impactful imagery and design, as well as social media engagement, to tell brand stories. Their web design offerings include a specialty in Squarespace, and they also offer photography and social media management services.


The Jills of All Trades

What they do: Talent collective of women freelancers
Founders: Corinne Neil and Megan A.C. Boswell

The Jills of All Trades is a talent collective of women freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. By aggregating solo entrepreneurs, the platform connects women of diverse abilities, making it easier to meet each business’s specific needs. Use their online directory to find somebody with the web development skills to match your particular project — or, if you’ve been searching for a greater community, why not join in the fun with the Jills?

JM2 Marketing

What they do: Website design; WordPress development
CEO: John Marx

A software development company, JM2 Marketing capitalizes on cross-platform digital technologies to help small businesses grow. In addition to web development, they also offer e-commerce, software development, SEO, graphic design, and marketing services.


JSoft Web Services

What they do: Website development
Owner: Jessica Tatham

JSoft Web Services helps small businesses and solo-preneurs to design, develop, and deploy immersive websites and establish a cohesive and effective digital brand presence. They also offer social media marketing services.


LimeRed Studio

What they do: UX design and development
President: Emily Lonigro Boylan

In their own words, LimeRed Studio “designs social impact.” They offer UX design services to help you define and make the product that needs to exist — starting from any point in your process. On top of UX development for your website or app, they can also help you with brand strategy and design, prototype design, MVP definition and creation, and more.


MXOTech, Inc.

What they do: IT and business technology solutions, including web app development
Founder/CEO: Joanna Sobran

MXOTech, Inc. offers local IT support to Chicago-based businesses. Combining technological knowhow with stellar service, MXOTech is an MSADP (managed service application development provider) that brings high-level computer IT and business technology services to the table. Whether you’re looking to develop a new web application, or need more comprehensive technological solutions for your business, MXOTech has got your back.


Redhead Web Design

What they do: Full-service web design
Founder: Kelly Gross

Redhead Web Design is a web design, branding, and full-stack digital marketing agency in Chicago specializing in small businesses and startups. Their offerings include SEO, PPC, website and responsive design, CMS… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


What we do: Content strategy and marketing agency
: Christine Mortensen

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include ourselves in this list! Sprk’d provides strategy and ongoing content creation (think blogging, lead generation, and email marketing and automation) for B2B businesses. We help our clients add a little spark to their business stories — and we always love to hear from entrepreneurs like you!


Teal Media

What they do: Full-service digital design agency
Founder: Jessica Teal

Teal Media specializes in web design & development, identity & logo design, user interface design, data visualization, and social media graphics. And if you needed any further reassurance that the company is in the best of hands — their vice-president is a dog named Archie.


Torque Digital

What they do: Integrated digital marketing agency
Founders: Eric, Kevin, and Jennifer Masi

Based in Chicago, Torque Digital comprises a nearly all-female team. Their brand marketing services include planning and strategy, website design and development, content marketing, video, creative design, and research and analytics. When it comes to web development specifically, they build sites using open source CMS platforms like Drupal and WordPress.

Know a woman- or veteran-owned web-development business that isn’t yet on our list? We’d love to add it in. Just drop us a line and let us know!

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