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ÜberConference: Revolutionizing Conference Calling

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Here at Sprk’d we have employees spread out across the country… and when I say spread out I mean SPREAD OUT. We have people located on the east coast, west coast and places in between. Needless to say, with all of us a couple thousand miles away from each other at any given time staying in contact and conducting team meetings can be a bit of a struggle. But as for any team or business communication is a key component to our success, which is why we signed up for ÜberConference, a revolutionary conferencing system which has evolved with the digital communication needs of many of today’s businesses. ÜberConference was created to make audio conferencing a simpler and more painless process, while also adding the element of personal engagement.

I could probably go on for pages raving about all the features, so in the interest of saving time I will just go over some of our favorite reasons that makes our Sprk’d team love ÜberConference:


When the boss sets up a conference ÜberConference sends emails out to our employees with a date, time and description for a conference call. Shortly before the time approaches for the conference Über sends out an email and a text not only reminding the employee about the scheduled call, but also with the phone number. This is great because then we don’t have to search through a slew emails from several days back looking for the contact information, instead we can just click on the number in the text and are sent straight into the call. Even better, there are no PIN numbers necessary so there’s no worrying about memorizing a sequence of random numbers to be allowed access into the call (because let’s be honest we don’t always have someone there that we can tell “hey remember this code: 2349435984034”).

Überconference appsVisual

What really sets ÜberConference apart from other audio conferencing services is that it strives to incorporate the visual aspect to the experience. Any of the callers engaged in the conference can log onto ÜberConference and see who’s talking when with the visual conference board. This board has a picture of every person currently on the call, whenever someone speaks their name and picture will be displayed at the top of the board. This helps avoid the awkward confusion of not knowing who is saying what and when they’re saying it.

You may be thinking, “Wait. There’s no video? Bah!” Well now… before you dismiss tool because of it’s this lack of video think about how much awkwardness Über saves you by not having stare into a camera while trying to present you speaking points. It’s the simplicity in design and functionality that makes this a winner.


Adding onto the visual of being able to see what the person looks like, Über also allows each caller to make a social profile with links to their various networks. This gives the opportunity for the team to become acquainted even when they don’t have the opportunity to meet in person. Pretty cool right?

Recordings and summaries

Say one employee wasn’t able to make it to the phone conference, with ÜberConference you can record the call and send it out to whomever you’d like. It also sends a summary with a brief description of what was discussed, who said what and how long the call lasted.

We use this recording feature most often for conducting interviews so that when we write blog posts we can go back an listen to key points made, ensuring to capture our client’s intent more quickly and accurately than traditional note-taking.

Call controls

Beyond having the usual conference call controls like the mute button ÜberConference integrated an “earmuffs” button. This gives the call coordinator the option to exclude a particular person(s) out of the conversation. This can be a great feature to use when there’s a need to talk to an employee directly during a vendor conference call and you do not want said vendor to hear the discussion.

Hold music:

Being on hold waiting for a conference to begin is not necessarily the most exciting thing ever and having to listen to elevator music doesn’t make it any better. ÜberConference decided to liven up the mood. Those with an ÜberConference Pro membership can choose any kind of MP3 track for people to listen to while they are on hold. For standard ÜberConference users (or those who have Pro and decide not to choose a customized MP3) people who are on hold get to listen to the “I’m on Hold” song, which was written and performed by one of ÜberConference’s co-founders Alex Cornell. The song talks about, you guessed it, being on hold waiting for a conference call to begin and wondering where the heck everyone else is. I personally find it absolutely hilarious and it makes me not mind being on hold.

ÜberConference is a conferencing system unlike any other. Sprk’d associates appreciate it’s fresh approach on making conference calls a visual and social process while still remaining professional. We would suggest businesses of any size to use ÜberConference for all of their audio conferencing needs!

*And lastly, this post was in no way sponsored by or solicited by ÜberConference. We truly <3 them! 🙂

Have questions or want to know more? Let us know in the comments below or contact us.

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