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Sprk’d Session: Willing To Help Owner Leigh Welker

By |Last Updated: November 4, 2013|2 min read|

Leigh-WillingToHelpMost young people assume that estate planning isn’t for them… it’s something for older people to do, like their parents. But estate planning is important, should the unthinkable happen. If you don’t have a will and pass away, your family will have to go through the process of probate, hire a probate attorney, which will cost them money. Having a will in place makes it easier for them.

Leigh Walker saw a need for this, so she started Willing to Help, where she offers estate planning to young professionals, young families, and people who are newly married or newly coupled in a civil union. Watch as we interview her and learn about her story, which has taken her from Ohio to New York to Chicago, and how she identified a need for this kind of service.

Highlights from Sprk’d Session with Leigh Welker of Willing to Help:

  • Helps young professionals, young families, and people who are newly married, or newly coupled in a civil union with estate planning
  • Solo law practitioner who went to law school in Ohio, licensed in Ohio and New York
  • Now lives in Chicago and is doing estate planning for people living in the Chicago area
  • Estate planning isn’t the first thing that younger people think about, but it’s important
  • Young people assume estate planning is for their parents, or for older people
  • First step: meet with and interview potential attorney
  • Not a fan of the DIY kits out there for estate planning
  • If you don’t have a will and pass away, you need to go through probate, which will cost your family money — having a will in place will make it easier and less costly for them
  • Also offers (and recommends to have) powers of attorney — over healthcare and over property

How to Connect with Leigh:

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