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The Power of Customer Retention Infographic

By |Last Updated: April 25, 2013|2 min read|

Quick wins = results…

Since 2011, Kapow Events has been helping companies entertain their clients by planning the best event options Chicago can offer. They asked Sprk’d to create an infographic that would show just how powerful focusing on customer retention can be. Well… we were up for the challenge!

After discussing Kapow’s goals, we started where all great infographics should—research. Once we found the data to represent the customer story we got started with design. After a couple rounds of review, the blog post was written and uploaded—complete with embed code. Embed code is particularly beneficial for getting your infographics shared and making sure your website gets credit, not to mention some Google love for the inbound link.

Results in just one month

Now that a month has passed we’re able to see just how effective their first infographic has been.

  • Site traffic increased 27% overall over the previous month and this post alone received more than twice the traffic as the next most popular post
  • Average time on page increased 30%
  • Facebook shares: 62
  • Pinterest pins: 77

Would you like to see results like these? Contact Christine and we’ll discuss your goals, timeline, and how Sprk’d can help.

About Kapow Events

Kapow Events provides solutions and options for everything in client entertainment so that your clients and customers know how much their business means to you and your company. It’s important to love your clients and as you can see from the infographic below, the investment in customer retention will pay off.

Kapow is your online event planning service and resource. 

The Power of Customer Retention Infographic
Kapow Events – Company Events… Made Easy

Copy and paste this code to post this infographic on your own site. 


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