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By |Last Updated: February 7, 2014|4 min read|

Making Facebook Work for You

The Incredible Results of Nourhy Beatrize

Facebook just turned 10 years old, and it has been in the news a lot lately: Is it still relevant? Is it going to eventually go the way of Myspace? Is it losing favor with teens? Perhaps it is, but it still is the social media giant, and can’t be ignored.

The important thing about every social platform is, of course, to take into the context of that platform. And for some businesses, Facebook can work very, very well. So we here at Sprk’d decided to do a little investigating, and did an analysis of a friend of ours, Nourhy Beatrize of NowStudio, to see how she is using the platform—and how it’s working for her.

Nourhy is the owner of NowStudio, a healing studio based in Chicago. And she has an active following on Facebook: She has more than 33,000 fans… and has never run ads. Yep, she gained that audience organically since starting her Facebook page in 2009.

Not only does she have 33K fans, but her audience is pretty active on her page. The first post we looked at had 31 likes and 13 shares. People are engaging with her material—and finding it compelling enough to share with their own networks.

Making Facebook Work for You

Nourhy posts a lot. A cursory glance showed 8 posts that day. Since a lot of Facebook business pages have been experiencing a slow done, the next step is to look at her engagement rate. To do that you take the number of total fans and divide it by the number of “People Talking About This” found next to the profile pictures of pages. Hers is just over 27%.

Our eyeballs bulged. 27%?! But what’s a normal engagement rate? Googling “facebook engagement rate benchmark” led us to this

Starbucks has an engagement rate of ≈3% WTF?! Nourhy is on par with the Harley Davidson’s and Tiffany’s of the world. WOW. That’s amazing!

So just how is she achieving these amazing results? Here’s what we think…

As soon as you click over to her Facebook page, you see what’s in it for you—i.e. she gives you a reason to follow along.

Facebook page example

Who doesn’t want to change their energy? To change their life? Or at the very least, to feed their brain with good stuff? Right away, I know that by following along, my news feed will be peppered with cheery updates – and who doesn’t want a dose of good cheer in their day?

So… what’s the moral of this story you may be asking?

  1. Well, first different audiences want different things. If we at Sprk’d started posting eight times people might not be necessarily interested unless it was REALLY good or newsworthy.
  2. Much of her audience is comprised of people who crave inspiration and quotes, and happy random thoughts throughout the day fit very well there. Facebook is a pretty darn good fit for her.
  3. She has an advantage over newer pages because she was able to amass a following early and before FB got all crazy with algorithm tweaks and ad buying options.
  4. Persistence. Pick a channel and own it. Completely. She’s done a great job of that—clearly.

The results?

Now, the results-based marketers in us need to ask—is she seeing the conversions she needs to justify all of the time/energy she spends on Facebook? Are these fans actually buying from her? I don’t know that answer. But I do know that amassing armies of fans and followers is great only if they help you amass a savings account along the way (or if you simply enjoy this process and find personal fulfillment from building a strong network within a channel).

In any case, Nourhy is doing an incredible job using Facebook to promote her business, and we can all learn a lesson from her. Perhaps most importantly, find the social platform that fits your voice and serves your audience—and then own that platform.

How do you use Facebook for your business?

Or are you seeing more success with another platform? And can you employ any of the techniques we discussed from Nourhy’s page to improve the results from your page? Leave a comment and we’ll continue this conversation!

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