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How Liking Brands on Facebook Affects You | Sprk’d Blog

By |Last Updated: June 25, 2013|2 min read|

Why do YOU “Like” brands on Facebook?


This post has been updated on May 5, 2017 with information from a more recent study.

According to a study by Syncapse, the main reason people “like” brands on Facebook is, surprisingly enough, because they actually like the brand.

The survey, which received 2,080 responses, cited the following top 3 reasons why people “like” Facebook brand pages:

  1. To support a brand I like (49%)
  2. To get a coupon or discount (42%)
  3. To receive regular updates from brands I like (41%)

ReasonThe results of the survey show that building an emotional rapport with your customers goes a long way. If your customers are sufficiently invested in your brand, they will become brand promoters of their own accord. This emphasizes the importance of developing a relationship based on trust and positive experiences with your consumer base.

That said, the survey did not specifically define what “support” might entail. As such, a “like” does not necessarily translate to customers acting like the ideal brand advocates.

For example, the survey results indicate that money — cost savings in particular — still speaks volumes in influencing customer behavior. However, customers who “like” your page for purely transactional reasons are less likely to recommend your brand to others without similar financial incentives.

Either way, it’s clear that meaningfully engaging with your customer base is a two-way street which involves multiple strategies working in sync. Certainly, people will “like” your page because they enjoy using your product, want to see your latest updates on their newsfeeds, and are interested in furthering their relationship with your brand.

But it’s implicit that they will only continue this show of support for as long as they, too, are gaining something from this relationship. For some, they will only engage when they can receive cost savings. For others, they want to receive real-time updates from your team.

For you to fully capitalize on your customers’ interest, you must understand their motivations and continue offering them the kind of consumer experience which makes them feel appreciated.

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