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Introducing Jessica Williams, Client Services Director

By |Last Updated: June 29, 2020|4 min read|

When one door closes, a window opens or so the saying goes. After parting ways with my last role, I could never have imagined what great opportunities were waiting for me.

I’m currently the Client Services Director for Sprk’d! Which is a role that I feel takes advantage of my skills and strengths like organization and logistics, training and facilitation and relationship building.

How did I get here?

I stumbled into technology thanks to a high school internship at a systems integrator. There I learned about all types of roles – from the business side to the technology side. After figuring out a college major that married my love of business and technology (Information Systems), I discovered that I had a knack and an interest for network infrastructure work. I was able to get my Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification which helped me break into the world of network and wireless.

A leap for passion…

After being the woman behind the curtain in the world of Internet configuration for a while, I kept having this feeling that while I was making good money, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled at work. And if I was to live a happier life, I had to make room for my passion. I put that call out to the universe and she answered by way of an opportunity to co-manage a program for women entrepreneurs. It was definitely a crossroads in my life to jump into the unknown with the potential for fulfillment or stay in the comfort of the infrastructure world. I took the “leap for passion” as I came to call it and it has been life-changing.

After running six cohorts of 1871’s WiSTEM program, I wanted to see what else was out there. And just like before, the Universe answered with a career coaching opportunity. There I sharpened my coaching and facilitation skills and realized how much I loved the partnership aspect of my role. I truly believe that relationship building is my superpower and has been a huge part of my success.

And then what…

As I was looking for my next opportunity, I wasn’t quite sure what to look for. I had had such a varied background and had no idea what that culmination of skills looked like. So I had to be vulnerable in a big way. I posted in the Facebook group run by Mac n Cheese Productions and asked for help. I put a list of my skills and asked “what types of roles could I look for?”

And Christine Mortensen answered my call, letting me know that she had something that I could be a good fit for. And shall we say, the rest is history?

So what’s next?

When Christine told me about her new mission for Sprk’d to help 1000 women business owners make their first million or their next, I was immediately onboard. Whether I would be working for Sprk’d or not, I knew I wanted to be a part of this Collective in some way. Because I have realized that I love being in a position to empower women and help them be successful, whether that’s helping them use technology to pursue a business or start a side hustle, or just being a safe space where they can brainstorm and find their next baby step.match-made-in-heaven

techbizgurlIt also fits right in line with my side hustle, Tech Biz Gurl, which is all about empowering others to start and run side hustles so that they can find ways to pursue their passions without quitting their day jobs.

What about on the personal side?

broadway-danceAs I was thinking about 2019, I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone a little bit more and find something just for me. So I applied to Fear Experiment. It’s a program where you learn an art form for 2.5ish months and then perform in front of an audience at the Park West Theater in Chicago. I was accepted!! And have started rehearsals — learning choreography for Broadway songs. This is scary and terrifying but oh so much fun. As someone with no rhythm and takes herself way too seriously sometimes, I’m excited to spend a few months being really present and learning a new skill. Save the date for May 18th if you want to see my awesome dancing skills.

When I’m not working or dancing, you’ll probably find me in bed with a book. I set a goal to read 28 books this year and I am currently on #14. If you want to keep up with my reading journey, follow me on Goodreads.

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