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Inspiration: The Pitch Refinery Conference

By |Last Updated: October 3, 2012|2 min read|

It has been an amazing couple of weeks for Sprk’d and we want to share with you, all that has inspired.

Attending the Pitch Refinery Conference

Nilofer and Heather Pitch Presenters Nilofer and Heather hangout out in the back of the room while other presentations are in progress.

The entire weekend was dedicated to this fine event, which is the brain-child of Melissa Pierce – Organizer and Public Speaker, to “gain the confidence and skills to pitch investors, press, prospects, and the public through high-touch presentations by today’s brightest leaders.” These two days have done more for me in terms of gaining clarity, focus, and drive than any class, degree, or Meetup could have ever hoped to strive for.

One inspirational speaker after another commanded the “stage” and challenged our small group to be true to ourselves, figure out exactly what it is that we want to do with our businesses, define the values we believe in, and how we can invite others to join in and support our endeavors along the way.

I’ve never seen so many driven and passionate business women in one room. That in and of itself was awe-inspiring.

Putting lesson into practice

Photography: learning how to use a bounce card to improve photos simply and easily Photography: learning how to use a bounce card to improve photos simply and easily

My head is still swimming from all of the information exchanged in one weekend alone…and it is wonderful. This conference could not have come at a better time for Sprk’d, as I am pulling this site and business together piece by tiny piece. What’s the old saying? “The Cobbler’s children go barefoot” such is the current situation as clients come first! While that will never change, there will soon be more balance.

An interview/documentary project that I’ve had stirring about within my head for years finally found focus over this weekend thanks to presenter and blogger extraordinaire Liz Strauss. Thankfully she wrote an inspirational post that contained much of what her talk was about, so that you too can get over any ‘Who are you to do that‘ type of feelings. Throughout the rest of the year I’ll be fleshing out the details and gathering interviews. To stay up to date on this evolving project or to find out how you can participate by volunteering for an interview, sign up for our newsletter.

For more on this amazing event I highly, HIGHLY encourage you to read through Terez Baskin’s Storify entry of the event aptly called, “Sounds Pitch Perfect“.

As always, if you have any questions or comments let us know below.

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