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A great way to attract more customers is by making your business more approachable. By humanizing your business, you’ll be able to create relationships with customers more easily and provide them with better, more personalized service.

Speak Conversationally

If you want to form a welcoming, “human” relationship with clients, write clearly and concisely and with simple word choice.

Sound easy? Not always.

It’s important to find a balance between speaking authoritatively and with confidence that they can trust you, and not sounding unapproachable.

An easy way to do this is by adding a bit of humor into your posts, whether via social media, on a blog post or on a page on your website. Most readers will respond well to a light-hearted joke tossed in at the appropriate time.

You should also keep in mind who your buyer personas are and what kind of language would appeal to them. If you’re still trying to pinpoint who they are, Sprk’d’s Foundation Formula can help you to clearly define your audience.

Try to align your word choice to what you think your audience’s would be. If your buyer persona is a well-educated working woman, her vocabulary and word choice would differ greatly from that of a teenage boy.

Engage With Your “About Us” Page

Though including this page on your website may seem like a no-brainer, you would be surprised how important it is.

The “About Us” page, as stated, tells the reader who your company is, what it does, what its values are, what makes it unique, etc. This can help a customer decide if your company might be a good fit for their needs.

After they finish reading this page, the reader should know exactly what  your business stands for and what makes it stand out. Ideally, they should be intrigued enough to explore the rest of what you have to offer.

An “About Us” page can also include a “Meet the Team” section. By allowing your visitors to see the actual faces of your employees, your business will seem more welcoming.

Be sure to include bits of relevant  about each employee. While it should at least identify each employee’s role in your company, depending on your company’s culture and industry, the accompanying writeup could even go as far as to name a fun fact about each person.

Go Behind-the-Scenes

Social media is an excellent tool to use for this.

Your followers will love seeing what your employees are up to outside the office. This puts a human face on the company and shows that your organization is more than just your product.

You could also go behind the scenes in your office.

Post a photo on Instagram of a creative space in your office, or use your Instagram story to show a company catered lunch.

Customers will see your brand in a much more approachable light and will be able to more easily connect with your company.

Converse with Followers and Customers

Engage engage engage! If someone posts something about your business, engage with it!

Like their photo, comment and thank them for sharing it, etc. Show your follows and customers that your company is concerned with more than just selling products. You’re human and care about your customers too.

The same goes for when people comment on things that your business posts.

People  love getting recognition for their posts, and your engagement will encourage them to continue interacting with your brand.

By taking the time to respond to each comment and give each person one-on-one attention, you will greatly strengthen the relationship between your company and its customers.

Good customer service is crucial to developing relationships with your customers. Acknowledge their comments, compliments and concerns and take care of them accordingly.

Social media is a great resource to connect directly with customers and provide them with the personalized customer service that they’ll remember when purchasing your products.

Need help identifying and targeting the needs of your ideal customer base? We’ve got you covered. The Sprk’d Foundation Formula is a month-long deep-dive into your marketing strategy to uncover your unique approach towards attracting and converting leads. Contact us now to find out more.


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