GrowthMap Program

A guided program designed to teach you how to attract the clients you want without cold calls, tacky sales trickery, or selling your soul.

What if you had a system to turn total strangers into not only raving fans, but paying clients?

Think about it for a minute.

  • You could have a steady stream of leads every month that could turn into clients
  • You could have clarity on what action will drive the biggest results
  • You could know exactly which parts of your marketing you can delegate and which should stay with you
  • You could even predict your revenue and stop the feast or famine roller coaster ride

How would that allow you to grow? What would that mean for you as a business owner? How would that improve your life overall?

Tell me if this sounds familiar

You’re a woman running a professional services business — a creator, a coach, a consultant — who is amazing at what you do. 

But you feel like the world’s best-kept secret.

You have been putting off marketing for years because you just don’t know where to start, aren’t sure what will work for your business, and frankly, haven’t had the time or money to experiment.

Plus, you have a great network that refers you business so it hasn’t been much of an issue — until now — and the “hope strategy” of waiting for referrals is wearing thin.

But you’re not sure exactly what to do. You don’t want to waste time on things that won’t work. And let’s be honest… promoting yourself feels so… uncomfortable.

Maybe you’ve written a couple of blog posts, tried an ad, or posted endlessly on social media all without much of a ripple, let alone a splash.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

If you knew what to do to get new clients, you would absolutely nail it. You just need to know how, and do it in a way that lets you be yourself.

If this sounds familiar, you’re ready for Digital Marketing GrowthMap.

GrowthMap is not an online course

It’s a 10-week guided coaching program designed to teach you the strategies needed to land higher quality leads for your consulting business.

Working directly with me, you will learn how to:

  • Clearly define what makes your ideal clients tick from the inside, out
  • Understand how to reach potential customers where they are online
  • Know how to “speak their language” so they’re more likely to convert into customers
  • Create a marketing action plan focused on revenue growth — not just “likes”
  • Turn your website into a lead machine
  • “Professionally spy” on your competition
  • Grow your email list of buyers — not just fans
  • Create content that converts!

… and you’ll have me as your dedicated coach, helping you craft your plan for growth through digital marketing.

You’ll learn how to…

Here’s how we do it

You’ll implement the system to confidently land higher quality clients, and you’ll get support from me and a small group of incredible women business owners.

Week 1: Getting to know your ideal client (aka personas)

Week 2: Mapping out their path to purchase (buyer’s journey)

Week 3: Speaking to your people (Messaging)

Week 4: Professional spying (Competitor research)

Week 5: Turn your website into a lead machine (Live website reviews)

Week 6: Grow your list (Lead magnets + list building)

Week 7: Content types + how to use them 

Week 8: Creating Content + Getting “Google Love” (SEO)

Week 9: Social Media – where, when, and how to post

Week 10: Bringing it all together (your month-by-month plan)

Ready to accelerate your business growth?

Take the first step: Fill out the contact form and let’s find a time to connect.

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Love from our clients:

“Christine is one of the most approachable and personable individuals I know. She will not hesitate to share her knowledge and secrets with you and genuinely cares about whatever is happening within your business.

Sprk’d delivers value at every meeting. No matter what problem, challenge, or roadblock I bring up, I can count on Sprk’d to have a solution!”

-Lucy Kairalla,

Agency Founder

“Christine and her team directly impacted our marketing results with a 77% increase in leads. Sprk’d is extremely organized, timely and clearly communicates objectives. More importantly—they executed their plan.”

-Cristina Boehmer,

Marketing Manager

“Christine is both patient and encouraging in helping guide women through their marketing strategy, which everyone should do! Her guidance has helped me formalize aspects of my business that have been on my to-do list forever, as well as improve areas that needed improvement.”

– Nora B.,

Agency Owner

Wondering if GrowthMap is right for you?

This program is for you if… 

  • You are overextended, worn out, and don’t want to have to spend another watt of brainpower figuring out on your own if Instagram is better for your business or is it Facebook, or both, neither? 
  • You want to grow your business— your client base, your staff, or both
  • You feel like you’ve tapped out your personal/professional network and need a new, steady stream of leads
  • You are tired of putting yourself last — behind partners, kids/pets, client work, etc.
  • You’re also tired of feeling like the world’s best-kept secret. 
  • You’re amazing at the results you get your clients and you know you can help more people — if only they knew about you! This program is for you.

This program isn’t for you if… 

  • Your business is in desperation mode. If you need new clients — like yesterday — this isn’t going to make them appear tomorrow. This will take time.
  • You don’t like to work. Yes, it will help make promoting your business easier but you still have to roll up your sleeves and dig in—especially the first couple weeks.
  • You don’t want to change. I get it. Change is scary for all of us but if you don’t change what you’re doing — whether you join me or find another option — nothing will improve in your business if you keep doing what you’ve been doing.
  • You can’t take honest and open, constructive feedback. Listen, I’m super nice and very considerate about how others feel but I’m going to be direct with you when I see something that isn’t going to work. 
  • You think that all marketing is evil, spammy, and manipulative. I’m not here to change your mind. I’m here to help those that know they have something to offer the world and can no longer stand keeping it a secret.

This program was created for women in industries like…

  • Branding, brand strategy, personal branding
  • Website development
  • Creative services, film/video development
  • Accountants, coaches, 
  • Digital marketing (Yes! We’ve had agency owners take this for accountability to stop putting their own promotion last)
  • Management consulting, leadership consulting, organizational development consulting
  • HR consulting, workforce consulting… and more

Frequently Asked Questions