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How to: Finding Your Brand Voice | Sprk’d Blog

By |Last Updated: December 16, 2020|7 min read|

How does your brand come across in its communications? Are you using a voice that’s true to the brand’s identity and values? Are you choosing the right words to connect with your ideal customers?

Voice matters. And in this article, we’ll help you create your brand voice from scratch — and communicate more effectively with the people who matter.

What’s a brand voice?

“Brand voice” is a fancy way of describing the tone of voice, word choice, and overall style through which you communicate your company’s personality. In other words, your brand voice is shaped not only by what you say, but how you say it.

For example, compare these two statements:

  • “It was, indeed, an unpleasant set of circumstances he had wrought through his own thoughtless decisions.”
  • “He really screwed up.”

Both statements mean similar things, but while one sounds like something your friend would say, the other just sounds like a know-it-all from your college philosophy course.

Why brand voice matters

In a nutshell, brand voice is important because it drives how people see your company. And if your company’s public persona is inconsistent, people aren’t going to recognize or trust you — which gives them no reason to buy from you.

Here are three other important roles of your brand voice.

1. Reflect your company’s values

Your brand voice speaks volumes about your company’s values, culture, and relevance — and for 64% of consumers, shared values is the main reason why they even have a relationship with a brand.

In the words of Simon Sinek, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Your brand’s voice can help you to qualify leads too. For example, take a look at DiGiorno’s Twitter page. While the tweets are usually about pizza (obviously), their strange and meme-loving approach to spreading the pizza love tells you a lot about who’s buying their pizza — and why:

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