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Facebook Privacy Fails Via Infographic

By |Last Updated: March 4, 2013|1 min read|

Although Facebook has tried to revise their privacy initiative, they are a long way from succeeding. Facebook strives to make the world a more communicative and open place for people, however, they are doing this at the cost of people’s privacy. For example, new information on profiles are exposed to the public. Further, Facebook created a tool designed to make information visible only to your friends, however, 3rd party apps can still see this information.

An astonishing 13 million Facebook users have never used their privacy settings, leaving them vulnerable to 3rd parties as well as exposing their private information into the public domain. Additionally, millions of users post where they are going and this data can be seen by millions of public users.

If Facebook plans to successfully solve the privacy debate, then they need to take more universal methods of protecting their users without exposing them to the public. Take a look at the infographic below for more on Facebook privacy fails.


Source: Facebook Privacy Fail

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