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Event recap: Speed Strategizing (April 27, 2017)

By |Last Updated: May 5, 2017|3 min read|

What a kickoff to our 5th birthday bash! We had a great crowd for our first-ever Speed Strategizing event.

The Sprk’d core team — Christine, Amy, Carol Ann, and me, Paige — was on hand to welcome old and new friends to our digs at WeWork Grant Park.

Our pals at WeWork provided drinks and snacks, and shared some information about their Creator Awards with attendees. (You should enter the Creator Awards, by the way.)

After we all enjoyed a little networking and beer-ing, our fearless leader, Christine, got up to give a toast and officially launch our anniversary celebration. 

We hung out with Rhonda!

Then it came time to move on to the main event: Speed Strategizing! Here’s the gist: We collected business cards from everyone who came to the event, and after Christine’s toast, we drew one. It belonged to Rhonda, who works in group sales for Great Wolf Lodge. (FUN!)

So we whisked her away to our office to whiteboard, brainstorm and eventually (okay, 30 minutes later) came up with some deliverable mockups she might expect to see if Great Wolf Lodge worked with Sprk’d on the Foundation Formula™.


We brought out the goods.

After we shooed Rhonda out of the room, we got to work creating a pretty buyer persona doc, eBook cover, sample landing page, and some blog post topics. 

Then we got to do the big reveal! 

I was tasked with presenting our deliverables to Rhonda and the rest of the gang — and made some pretty amazing faces while I was doing it, according to the photos of the event. (Woof.)

We realized something as a result of this event: It’s tricky branding an event “Speed Strategizing.” It’s way sexy to show off all the polished deliverables — but the real magic happens during the strategic phase, and that’s a phase you can’t speed through at all. #foodforthought

But we hope Rhonda got a feel for the kind of questions we ask during that strategic phase, and the possibilities that exist when you really give strategy the time it deserves.

We were all so energized afterward!


We gave everybody a discount.

The other big reveal of the night: special birthday pricing of $5,000 for the Foundation Formula… for everybody!

That’s right: Even if you weren’t there, we’re offering you the special price, too — because that’s the kind of people we are: generous people who love marketing. 


So if you’re interested in embarking on the Foundation Formula with Sprk’d, get in touch with us by May 20. Mention you saw this blog post, and we’ll hook you up with a special discount. 

And we’re doing it again!

Miss out on our April 27 event (we know who you are)? Did you come and just can’t get enough of Sprk’d? Well, we had such a good time that we’re doing it all again in June.

So mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 21! Join us at WeWork Grant Park from 5:30 to 7:30 for drinks, snacks, and more speed strategizing. 

Maybe we’ll pick your business card out of the Magical Beer Pitcher™ this time!


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