How aspiring course creators can go from Idea to Income with THIS fool-proof course creation blueprint

regardless of your industry, audience size, course creation experience, or level of tech savviness

Course Kickstart:

How to Go from Idea to Income

Forget the overwhelm, the doubts, and staring at a blinking cursor.

With the Course Kickstart workshop, you're going from "What do I do?" to "F Yeah, I'm DOING this!"

✅ What You'll Walk Away With

  • A comprehensive, structured outline for your course
  • A clear action plan, making the next steps a breeze
  • No fluff, no filler, just actionable guidance
  • Strategies to avoid common course-creation pitfalls
  • The confidence to actually build your dream course

⏳ Why Now?

Because your brilliance deserves to be shared, not stuck in your head. And because we all know the longer an idea sits, the more it risks never getting out into the world.

Keep scrolling to learn more about how to launch a course without letting fear stand in your way.

💰 Full Price $197 Yours for Only $47

That's way less than a night out, and we promise this will be more impactful and (nearly) zero chance of a hangover — girl, I don't know what's in your mug!?🥂

A $47 investment today saves you hours (maybe even weeks) of future frustration. I mean... how long have you already been thinking about creating a course? Let's get that idea out and into the world!

🕒 When & Where

Mark your calendar for ANYTIME YOU LIKE! The Course Kickstart Workshop is available on-demand online.

All the guidance, none of the travel hassle. Online access details and more will be emailed after you sign up below.

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Click below to secure your spot. We recommend setting aside roughly 2 hours to follow the workshop video, pause when it's activity time, share your work in the accompanying community, get feedback, and press play again. Wash, rinse, repeat!

👋 Who am I and Why You Should Listen to Me

Hiya! I’m Christine.

With more than two decades in the business and neuromarketing landscape, I bring a unique blend of expertise and actionable insights to the table. As the Founder of Sprk'd and creator of Chart Your Course, my mission is to cut through the noise and guide you straight to the heart of successful course creation.

Course creation isn't just a job for me, it's a passion. Since my early days, I've been captivated by the power of education and how it can transform lives. This led me to a fulfilling career in design and neuromarketing, working with renowned companies to optimize their training and development strategies.

I believe that effective course creation requires a harmonious blend of content, technology, and psychology. I aim to bring these elements together to offer a seamless and rewarding experience for both creators and learners.

My core professional values are:

  • Integrity: Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
  • Innovation: Constantly pushing the envelope to find new, more effective solutions.
  • Empowerment: Giving you the tools you need to succeed on your own terms.

Over the years, I've cultivated a deep understanding of adult learning theories, neuromarketing strategies, and digital platforms. As the guiding force behind Course Kickstart, my focus is on delivering pragmatic, step-by-step plans that empower you to build your course — your way.

If you're tired of the struggle and ready to take a proven path toward course creation success, then you're in the right place.

Let's embark on this journey together!

Don't let your brilliant ideas gather anymore dust.

Bring them into the spotlight where they belong. Your course is waiting to be outlined, and the world is waiting to learn from you.

See you in the Course Kickstart Workshop!

Course Kickstart Workshop Agenda

🎯 Objective: Equip attendees with the skills to transform their nebulous course ideas into a structured, actionable creation plan.

  • Step 1: Intro and Setting the Stage
  • Step 2: Pinpoint Your Audience
  • Step 3: Brainstorm Course Ideas
  • Step 4: Validate Your Idea
  • Step 5: Structure Your Course
  • Step 6: Create Your Action Plan
  • Wrap-up & Your Next Steps

🙋 This is for you if...

  • You are running your own creative, coaching, or consulting business and are run ragged providing custom 1:1 services for each and every client you work with.
  • You yearn for more time and “brain space” for yourself to either grow your business or simply finally have some extra “me time.”
  • Or... maybe you’re tired of relying on one-time projects and the constant hunt for new clients.
  • Or... the feast and famine project cycle has taken you for a ride and you’re quite ready to head toward the exit sign now.

🎁 Bonuses GALORE! (9 bonuses to be specific)

These bonuses alone have a total value of $1,597 🤯

🚨🚨🚨 [First 20 sign-ups] Course Review and Feedback

(valued at $550)

A one-time personalized review of your course outline or content, providing constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Woman taking notes during an online meeting

🚨🚨 Live Q&A sessions

(valued at $150 per session)

Where participants can get LIVE personalized advice and insights from an experienced course creator.

Online meeting

Thrive in Thirty: 30-day planner

(valued at $50)

A 30-day system because it’s easier to fend off procrastination when there’s a finish line in sight. Get the accountability, consistency, focus and motivation you need to achieve massive wins in a tiny amount of time.

Course Outline Template

(valued at $150)

Streamline your course creation with our comprehensive Course Outline Template. Designed for clarity and impact, it guides you through structuring your content for maximum engagement and effectiveness.

How to Create an Irresistible Offer worksheet & walkthrough

(valued at $250):

Master the art of crafting offers that sell with our 'Irresistible Offer Worksheet & Walkthrough.' Gain step-by-step guidance to design offers that captivate and convert your audience.

GrowthSparks Community

(valued at $100 per month)

A dynamic network for ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to ignite their business growth. Collaborate, learn, and thrive with like-minded innovators and industry leaders.

Marketing Resource Toolkit

(valued at $150)

A collection of essential resources, templates, and checklists that help streamline promotion efforts.

Inbox to Income: The book

(valued at $47)

There are a million ways to launch a course — I'll show you an effective way in "Inbox to Income: The Art & Strategy of Email-Driven Course Launches."

Inbox to Income - Mission $10K summary mockups for sales page

AI Essentials guide

(valued at $150)

Navigate the world of artificial intelligence with our 'AI Essentials' guide. Get a clear, concise introduction to AI concepts, applications, and how they can revolutionize your business strategy.

Business Bestie Bot helps her human grow her business with actionable suggestions

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  • 📎 Forever access to all worksheets, swipe files & resources shared
  • 🎨 A copy of the presentation for better context and note-taking

Not to brag, but our clients love us…

Lucy Kairalla

“Christine is one of the most approachable and personable individuals I know. She will not hesitate to share her knowledge and secrets with you and genuinely cares about whatever is happening within your business.

Sprk’d delivers value at every meeting. No matter what problem, challenge, or roadblock I bring up, I can count on Sprk’d to have a solution!”

Lucy Kairalla, Agency Owner

“I am SO grateful we met in 2021. Honestly, being led by you inside Certified Master Persuader (a program from Bushra Azhar) was such a boost for me personally and professionally.”

Yasemin Inal, Professor turned Entrepreneur

"Christine is both patient and encouraging in helping guide women through their marketing strategy, which everyone should do! Her guidance has helped me formalize aspects of my business that have been on my to-do list forever, as well as improve areas that needed improvement."

Nora B., Arka Pana Consulting

"Christine and her team directly impacted our marketing results with a 77% increase in leads. Sprk'd is extremely organized, timely, and clearly communicates objectives. More importantly—they executed their plan.”

Cristina BoehmerMarketing Manager