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This is a guest post by Richard Hill. He runs a small business which is easily managed using a couple of mobile phones and some useful business apps.

Apps in the cloud

While there are several ways to boost one’s productivity at work, smart phones are not far behind when it comes to helping you harness your full productivity. All you have to do is download the list of quintessential applications listed below and notice the way your productivity at work gets a boost. These apps will undoubtedly help erase some of the stress in your busy jobs.

Here’s the list:

Evernote: Being in the habit of keeping notes about tasks etc. is a good thing and this very popular app helps you do just that in different ways. Not only can you save your textual notes, but you can also save web pages, images, and other clips and files which could be important for your work. In addition to that, this application makes synchronization of your notes smooth and easy; you can sync your notes across different platforms, thereby, extending your memory.

Wunderlist: It is very important to organize your day’s work in order to make the most of it and one great way of doing this is by making lists. Wunderlist is one app that does just that without making things look shabby. Not only can you make lists on it, you can also keep reminders and lists of events that will help you reconcile your work schedule according to your wishes.

Genius Scan: It is a scanner that you can walk around with in your pocket! This app not only scans documents but also enhances them for clarity and allows you to keep them organized in documents or folders. You can also share your scans as images (.jpegs) or .pdf via Bluetooth or Dropbox, or email etc.

Cloud Storage Apps: Cloud storage devices are a great way to store and transfer data across various platforms. Thus, having such handy apps on the smart phone become extremely handy.

Glassboard: This app is a sort of social networking device in which everything can be shared privately and within a small segment of people (for example coworkers). If you want to share documents, photos, notes and even videos with your team, instead of sending tedious emails, just post them on Glassboard!

Asana: Instead of emailing your team about their tasks for the day, an easier way would be to use Asana. This app allows you to make a to-do list that is shared with everyone and can be edited by anyone in real time. You just assign what each person has to do on the list and they all get it.

Adobe Edge Effect: This app is mostly used by web designers to view their designs and make changes if necessary. It is very user friendly and works across several platforms.

Mint: Mint is an easy way to keep your finances in check. It does some really cool things like make an automatic budget for you according to your life style and even gives you advice on what goals you can accomplish with the money you have.

LogMeIn: Although it’s a paid app, if you can afford it, it will make your life simpler when you really don’t have the time to go to your desktop and access files. You smart phone will do that for you.

Square: This portable device comes with a little attachment for you to swipe your credit cards or rather make your customer swipe his/her credit card, the receipt of which is sent to them via a text. A handy device for people who are a walking shop.