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6 of the Best Writing Tools to Add to Your Content Toolkit

By |Last Updated: June 28, 2020|2 min read|

As founders and entrepreneurs, it is important for us to show up and provide value for our audience, readers, potential clients.

That often shows up as content: blog content, social media posts, and even longer-form content including eBooks, cheat sheets and checklists.

This process can be tough when you are looking for the right technology to help you get your writing done. Here are some of our favorite tools to add to your arsenal.


Evernote is a note-taking tool that helps you organize your ideas, notes, research, and other important information. You can store information and find it easily with its search capabilities.

Pro Tip: Install Evernote on your phone and as you go about your day, talk to clients, or even have a random idea, put them in an Ideas Note. This way the next time you need to sit down to write, you can pull inspiration from this list.

Google Docs

Think of Google Docs as online version of Microsoft Word that allows you to collaborate. You can also track revisions and invite others to make suggestions on your work. It is a great way to remove the back and forth of emailing drafts of documents.

Pro Tip: If you prefer to talk out your thoughts instead of writing, head to Tools, and active “Voice Typing”. Google will do its best to convert your spoken words into text.

Better Word Count

Better Word Count provides a real-time updating word count sidebar that you can add to your Google Doc. This way you’ll have a better idea of word count as you continue to type and removes the step of opening a new window. Every little bit of time counts right?


If you are looking to take your spelling and grammar game to the next level, Grammarly is our favorite go-to resource. You can install it in your browser and get help while you are writing. You can even activate it for Google Docs.

Pro Tip: The premium plans also offer vocabulary and sentence structure suggestions.


Pocket is an app that lets you save articles and blog posts you can read later. It is also a great tool for keeping all of your research in one place.

Pro Tip: If you are writing about particular categories, tag them when you save them to Pocket which will make for easier searching when you are ready to write.

Need some inspiration on what to write?

We’ve got you covered. 30 WHOLE DAYS worth of inspiration for planning your next month of content. Use these prompts to prepare daily posts or spend a couple of hours and batch your social media.


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